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5 Effective Tips to Install Sod the Right Way

doesn’t like a lush, green lawn outside their house? But it’s quite a task to grow grass from seeds. You … Continued

How to Choose the Right Sod for Your Lawn (Sodding)

Do you want to landscape your dull lawn? You should consider sodding it. Sod or turf is a better option … Continued

Benefits Of Sod Installation In Your Commercial Or Residential Building

A lot of people believe that the best time to install sod is in the spring, especially in cities like … Continued

A Quick Primer on Costs of Having Sod Installed

A lot of people believe it is better to seed your lawn than to have it sodded because of the … Continued

Why Aeration Is Important For Your Lawn To Look Healthy & Lush

It’s Spring in Toronto and with summer just around the corner, your lawn is looking for much needed nutrients. For … Continued

How To Install Lawn Sod Grass In 6 Easy Steps

Introduction Ah, Spring has already arrived in Toronto and the weather has become sunny & warm just as our patience … Continued

Different Species of Cool Season Grass

Throughout Ontario you may find various species of grass. Some have certain characteristics, but most of the ones we will … Continued

Lawn Care 101: 5 Helpful Tips to Fight Lawn Disease

As we approach the summer season in Toronto, it is important to spot and fight lawn disease before it spreads … Continued

What Is The Ideal Height To Mow Grass?

Almost every single grass across Ontario has an ideal length/height. It doesn’t matter if you’re mowing your grass in Toronto … Continued

Why A Watering Schedule Is Important For Any Lawn Care Plan

Just like most plants, grass needs lots of H2O to grow healthy and lush. Having a proper watering schedule in … Continued

Checklist: Make Spring Cleaning A Breeze

Checklist: Make Your Spring Clean Up A Breeze When the winter season is over and all the snow has melted … Continued

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