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Best Type of Grass for Dogs

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We know you have dogs! Who doesn’t? “A dog is a man’s best friend” as what they say, and we know you also want the best for your furry friend. Having a lawn can be your (and your dog’s) dream. We know it is important for you to have a yard where your dog can do activities.

Grass is an excellent groundcover for dogs because it is soft and doesn’t harm them (considering you mow it regularly). However, not all types of grass can be your dog’s “next best friend.” There are types of grass that cannot be harmed by urine, while others can withstand heavy traffic. But we want you to choose the best grass for your dog without compromising anything.

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These are the usual activities dogs do that can take a toll on your yard. Here is a variety of grass that can help withstand the different activities your dogs do.

Kentucky Bluegrass

Kentucky bluegrass is one of the best type of grass for your dogs. While it is one of the hardest grass available, Kentucky Bluegrass has a rapid growth rate and recovers quickly after your dog has trampled, making Kentucky Bluegrass the best choice for your home and pets. This grass also thrives in various climates and very attractive because of it’s noticeable blue hue, which gives additional value.

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Perennial Ryegrass

Another best choice of grass for your furry friend is the Perennial Ryegrass. This type of grass is an excellent choice if you live in colder climates. Perennial Ryegrass is well-known for its robust root system and quick growth rate. It can also flourish in light shade and unobstructed sun. Note that this type of grass requires constant care like watering and fertilizing it to keep its luscious state.

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There is a wide range of fescue grasses available in the market. Make sure to pick one that suits your climate. Fescues can grow in shaded areas, which means they can grow without the help of too much sun. This type of grass also has high moisture absorbing qualities and can handle your dog’s business. With that, this is considered one of the best grass for your dogs to enjoy, especially for large breeds that use to urinate more often than small ones.

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Bermuda is the best choice of grass for those who live in warmer climates. What’s fantastic with this grass is that it can tolerate a lot of sun, but it doesn’t require that much water. This grass is best for high-traffic areas since it can tolerate your dog’s paws. It is also stress-resistant, and its deep roots are anchored well for high-traffic activities. Moreover, Bermuda can also regenerate quickly.

However, Bermuda tends to become dormant during colder seasons when temperatures drop to 55 degrees. Not to worry because it will come back to life once warmer seasons return.

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