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Avoid Summer Drought Stress Damage to your Lawn

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Summer is an excellent time for you to enjoy hanging out with the family and, maybe, have a visit to the beach. When this season starts to enter, temperatures can sometimes get out of hand and go to extreme heights. While you quench yourself with a refreshing drink this summer, remember that your lawn should also have all the water it needs to moisten its soil. When you see your yard looking dry, this could mean a lot of reasons. Read on to know more about how you can save your garden from summer drought-stress damage.

Too much heat, dryness, and lack of moisture make the summer challenging for your lawn. However, you can still prevent your yard from dying by doing these tips to keep it green, lush, and healthy.

Drought-Stress Damage

Mow your lawn

Yes, you can still mow your lawn during this season of the year. However, it is important to keep in mind increasing the blades’ height to avoid damaging the grass blades and prevent diseases from entering them and by that avoiding drought-stress damage. This can also provide shade and cover to the roots and soil underneath. Plus, you can also use the grass clippings to make compost and apply it on your lawn, as this can help insulate the soil and reduce evaporation.

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Start fertilizing

Grass starts regrowing right after winter, so now it is time to fertilize your yard. Fertilizing can give your grass the proper nutrients and boost it needs to become healthy, green, and thriving. When choosing a fertilizer for your yard, select one with a slow-release formula that also feeds consistently. In that way, you are avoiding drought-stress damage by allowing your roots will grow thicker and stronger with deeper roots to survive the severe drought.

Recommended product: Scotts 12416 Turf Builder Overseeding Mix Grass Seed & Starting Fertilizer 2-4-2

Reduce foot traffic to Avoid Drought-Stress Damage

It is best to avoid foot traffic on your lawn. The heat and lack of moisture are already damaging the grass blades. Adding foot traffic to the problem would make the soil become compact, which would prevent air and water from entering it. Heavy foot traffic during this period will hinder your lawn from having proper grass growth.

Infuse with a wetting agent

Choosing the best wetting agent for your lawn will ensure that the soil will soak up all the water it receives. During drought and water restrictions, it is essential to make the most out of every drop, and wetting agents are the solution to increase the water absorption. This product can support your yard to hold more water for more extended periods.

Water your yard to Avoid Drought-Stress Damage


As a rule of thumb, it is vital to water your lawn to achieve healthy, lush, and green grass throughout the year. During summer, it is better to water your lawn early in the morning. Watering it during that time while it still cool can give your yard a chance to absorb lots of water. On the other hand, when you water your lawn when it’s already too hot, it would most likely get evaporated sooner than the soil absorbs it. You can even water it early nighttime or at night. However, remember not to water it at night when the temperature drops as it increases the chances of developing moss and other diseases.

Wait for ten days to water your lawn again. Remember not to overwater it as it may promote shallow rooting and helps develop moss and turf diseases.

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