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Grass Cutting & Care

We’re experts when it comes to lawn care. We understand that frequent cutting of grass ( one to two times a week ) ensures quality growth and prevents weed germination. By having a thicker lawn, weeds have a tougher time pushing through, thus giving you a luscious, thick and green lawn. When it comes to cutting grass, trust the experts.

How can frequent lawn mowing help your lawn?
  • Promotes thicker, greener grass
  • Able to catch problems with the health of your lawn ahead of time ( including bug infestations )
  • Helps ensure a healthy root system and proper water retention
  • Promotes thicker, greener grass

Lawn Care Service

Fertilizing and Seeding

Fertilizing & Seeding

If you’re like most homeowners, you’ve likely gone to your local gardening store and purchased the first bag of fertilizer on the shelf. Without knowing the individual needs of your lawn, you run the risk of potentially harming your lawn. Most common commercial fertilizers focus on only three nutrients ( Nitrogen, Phosphorus & Potassium ) while ignoring all of your lawn’s other nutritional needs. With the lack of additional nutrients, your grass can become weaker, instead of stronger.

What does My Landscapers use to fertilize my lawn?

We use customized Organic lawn fertilization, instead of this one-fertilizer-fits-all approach. We take a closer look at your lawn’s individual nutritional needs, which in turn allows us to make your lawn look healthy, thick and green. By choosing an organic fertilization solution instead of a chemical one, we’re not only helping your lawn, but also helping to make the environment you live in, healthier.

Aeration & Dethatching

The benefits of Aeration are unbelievable when it comes to the health of your lawn. By perforating your lawn, it allows for air, nutrients and water to flow through easily and allow for more nutrients to be absorbed by the roots. Aeration also allows for your lawn to grow stronger, deeper roots, which in turn make your lawn looking luscious green. My Landscapers are specialists in Aeration and dethatching and have the expertise to make your lawn looking fantastic all season long.

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Testimonials From Our Clients

Rona G.

The lawn looks amazing. So much so that I now am looking at having them redo my front lawn. Highly recommend in every respect.

Babaew S.

Recommend for all people who want to make their place like never before! Thanks again My Landscapers!

Christine P.

Great service , great people ! If you are looking for professional!! Amicable service ! exceptionally talented!!!

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