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What Mushrooms Popping up in the Lawn Means?

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Mushroom is fungi that thrive deep within the soil, and the one that you see popping above your lawn is the fruit. Most of this fungus can grow unnoticed in your yard because they are doing all the soil works by feeding on decaying organic matter like leaves, stumps, dead roots, and even dog poop. The good thing is that these mushrooms are likely nor harmful and will not cause any damage to your grass. Surprisingly, they are beneficial to your lawn by having nutrients in the soil readily available for your lawn grasses. This is especially true if you just did sod replacement.

sod replacement
A cluster of mushrooms growing on a lawn.

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Environmental Factors

Mushrooms are not always present around your lawn as they can only grow when the weather condition is right for them. They quickly grow in wet soils and humid conditions. They can spread through spores carried by the wind. When these spores landed on a suitable location, then new fungi will develop and grow like mushrooms. They are advantageous for new yard installation as they can increase nutrients in the soil to help roots grow healthy.

Mushroom Popping Means Healthy Lawn

Growing mushroom popping up in your lawn is a sign of good soil, which means an abundance of organic matter. Fungi only decompose living matter with lignin and lignin is found on woody garden materials such as tree leaves, branches, twigs, dead tree roots, tree stumps, and more. Sodding a lawn requires enough nutrients from the soil that comes from decaying organic matter. Your lawn can benefit from it as it can get rid of organic matter and even break it up to essential nutrients for the grass. 

Fungi produce a powerful enzyme that can breakdown almost anything from woods to animal bones. There are mushroom species that you can be found beneath the trees that mean there is a presence of mycorrhiza, which is a fungus root. This is a very beneficial type of fungus that can help plants survive harsh weather conditions and stresses.

Mushroom Pooping Means Decaying Bulk of Wood

 The only way to get rid of mushrooms is to avoid decaying wood materials, which is very hard to do if there are many. You can reduce the presence of mushrooms by eliminating wood materials. You need to take out tree leaves and replace them with leafy materials like grass and vegetable clippings. 

Having a balance between wood and leafy materials can also reduce mushrooms from growing in your yard. You should not be bothered about these mushrooms because they do not snatch nutrients and water from the soil, unlike weeds. They help the soil become nutrients rich and ideal for grass growing. However, you need to make sure that mushrooms growing in your lawn are not poisonous, especially if you have pets and children around. 

Aside from woody materials, added moisture in the environment can also promote the growth of mushrooms. Remember, Having them means the soil is healthy and ready for sodding a lawn, for example. Again, they will disappear once they do not have something to feed on. During winter months, you will rarely see a mushroom growing around the lawn. They will start growing when spring or fall time begins. 

Poisonous Mushrooms in Lawn

Diverse mushroom species can grow in a lawn, and it might be tough to know if it is poisonous or not. However, deadly mushrooms are scarce in a yard, but they can grow. You need to research types of mushrooms that grow in your area because mushrooms spread through the air. If you are not sure if it is deadly or not, you should not consider eating any. You may contact a mushroom expert if you think like eating these mushrooms. If you have pets like dogs and cats, pick them and dispose to keep your children and pets safe. You need to use gloves when handling mushrooms, especially if you are unfamiliar with the specie growing in your sod lawn. 

Experts do not recommend using fungicide while sodding a lawn as it can do significant damages to the sod. Mushroom is a vital part of the ecosystem that promotes the growth of healthy microbes. The fungicide will kill not only mushroom but the rest of the microbial activity in the soil. 

Few Ways to Get Rid of Mushrooms in Your Lawn:

  1. Removing them manually by hand (make sure to wear gloves) before they multiply.
  2. Reduce watering- some people water way too much and create a constantly moist environment, exactly what mushrooms like. So, by reducing the amount of water you give to your lawn you might be able to solve the problem. Shaded areas for that reason could also promote mushroom growth so consider pruning your trees.
  3. You can reduce the decaying organic material that encourages mushrooms growing in the lawn by dethatching it.
  4. Finally, you can treat your lawn with Fungicide: Safer’s 48-5063CAN Defender Garden Fungicide 1L Ready-to-Use Spray.

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