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Get The Perfect Home Lawn With Sodding

Everyone has a love-hate relationship with their lawn. However, it is important that you evaluate the condition of your lawn. You surely have an emotional connection with your lawn and it is hard to ignore if your lawn is not living up to your expectation. Enter Sodding.

There are chances that you moved to a new home in Toronto or Markham and the soil is not fertile enough for you to maintain your favourite landscape. This is the perfect time for lawn replacement.

Sodding Installation

Sodding vs Seeding

Most of the people are confused whether they should sod or seed the lawn. Both have their own benefits and drawbacks. So it is important that you decide the one that meets your requirements perfectly.


While seeding you can get a huge variety of species and there are blends from different cultivars if you want a specified management practice like shade, disease-resistant, sun, or soil type. Turf will automatically develop according to the atmosphere of your area. It is cost-effective.

However, seeding takes a lot of time to be properly established. A few months you have to consider are

  • September is the best time
  • April has good environmental conditions
  • Weed seeds will germinate perfectly in spring.

You will have to wait a few years to get the dense lawn. In the case of poor germination, you will have to reseed the area. In areas like Toronto, it might washout because of irrigation, heavy rain, or snow. Initial watering is critical and weed is a huge problem.

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It is an instant lawn and you can enjoy the place after plantation. No need to deal with mud, erosion or dust. All you need is adequate water because it can be planted anytime during the growing season. It is weed-free.

Sodding is a little expensive and you will not get a wide variety of species. It cannot be planted in a shaded environment and initially, you will need a large volume of water. If sod is not properly installed it might shrink and weed many invade. Never stretch sod. Spring and fall seasons are optimal because the speed of rooting varies according to the season.

However, once you will install the sod properly it has low maintenance and you will not have to invest in your lawn again.

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Tip for successful sodding

During lawn replacement soil preparation is crucial. In Markham, it is better that you get the soil tested so you can make appropriate changes. Compost should be added to clay soil. You have to consider fine grading and rough grading during the sodding process.

Perennial weed should be controlled first. Perennial weeds like bindweed, quackgrass, and Charlie will be killed, so do not assume covering or tilling with sod. Apply non-selective herbicide before sodding because it will be helpful. If there is weed wait for it to get brown before sodding. Here are some of the tips you should consider for Lawn replacement in Markham.

  • Select healthy and fresh sod with a thin layer of soil
  • Select a sod that is similar to planting sites in Toronto for better effects
  • After installation lightly roll
  • Water the area properly
  • Within 14 days, the sod will root
  • Use a regular recommended fertilization schedule for fertilizing
  • Use the 1/3 rule for mowing. Never remove more than 1/3 of the leaf blade at a time. now 2 to 2.5-inch height gradually.
  • For deeper rooting, you can use the core aerification technique.

Advantages of Sodding

Here are some interesting benefits you will get with sodding.

1-Instant Lawn

Once you have installed the sod it will turn the bare patch into lawn instantly. Within a few hours, you will get the satisfaction of having a beautiful green yard. For a seeded lawn, it will take several weeks to start rooting and sometimes years before you can sit on the dense green lawn. When you plant the seeds they have to be covered with straw or other unattractive material for protection. Sodding is the fastest lawn replacement solution if you do not have the patience to wait for the lawn to be grown from seeds.

2-Less irrigation

As compared to seed grass, sodding will require less maintenance. You only have to wait until it gets firmly established. It is important that you irrigate the sod regularly. The biggest benefit of sodding is that it will not dry out easily as compared to seeding. You will have to water the seeded ground 4 to 5 times per day according to the weather condition in Vaughan. On the other hand, sodding require watering twice daily for the best effects. Less frequent irrigation will help you save time that you have to spend on caring for the new law and water consumption will be reduced as well.

3-Faster use

As the grass is already completely grown so you can easily use the sodded lawn as compared to the seeded lawn. When you have a seeded garden you will have to take extra care because the new leaf blades will be delicate and vulnerable to damage. You cannot use the lawn for activities like playing. With sodding, you will get a head start in growth. Within two to four weeks the roots will be perfectly established in the lawn and after 6 weeks you can use the lawn as you wish.

4-Soil protection

Grass seeds are on the topmost layer of soil and so they are susceptible to win. For the widespread grass growth, it is important that seeds germinate properly. However, soil can easily blow away with the wind. Sod is a thick mat of grass and can be easily established. It will stay in its place and winds of Vaughan will have the least effect on it. The area will be covered and so you will have to deal with less mud and dirt in your house.

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My Landscapers will provide you the best sodding & lawn replacement services. You can select the species for sodding and our experts will take care of the lawn replacement. We will make your lawn look beautiful in no time.

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