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How To Prepare Your Lawn For New Sod Grass Installation

Preparing Your Lawn For New Sod Grass Installation

Every outdoor project has a step-by-step preparation before any of the real work begins. Whether you’ve decided to start your lawn from scratch with seeding or take the shortcut with new sod grass installation, there is some necessary work that goes on before you begin. Our softscaping experts have broken down the preparation into a few simple steps you can follow.


Step 1: Having A Soil Sample Test Completed

Before you begin laying any new sod grass, you have to have the health of your soil assessed. This ensures that when you do install your new sod grass, it will adapt quickly and thrive in its new home. It will also allow you to understand what types of fertilizers, nutrients and other amendments you will need to have a lush green lawn.


Step 2: Cleaning The Sodding Installation Area

You’ll want to clean up any old or dead grass, branches, leaves and any large rocks. You’ll also want to kill and remove any weeds that are visible.


Tip: If you cannot see any weeds, try watering the area to encourage weeds to pop out from the soil. Once they emerge, use organic weed killers to kill them. 



Step 3: Preparing The Soil For Sod Installation

Begin by adding organic amendments to the soil to improve it’s structure, fertility and water retention. What are organic amendments? Organic amendments consist of either Peat, Compost or Animal Manure and are directly mixed in with your soil. Once the soil is dry, begin by levelling it using either a rake, tamper or a big drum roller. By using organic material, you ensure that your new lawn will be safe for you, your pets and the environment.

Did You Know? At My Landscapers, we only use organic materials to treat your lawn and follow the Organic Lawn Care Manual.


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