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Easy Tricks To Maintain Your Commercial Property Lawn

As a business owner, you should understand that the exterior of your business plays as much a vital role as the interior. Potential customers are first presented with the exterior of your business, so why ignore it? We’ll give you a few easy tricks you can implement today, that will keep your commercial property lawn looking healthy and welcoming. 

commercial lawn mower maintenance

Mow Your Grass High & Frequently

It may sound counter-intuitive to leave your grass high, as cutting it short might be a time saver. However, by cutting your grass too short, you’re not only damaging your lawn but, openly welcoming weeds to set root.


Best Time To Water? Early Mornings

Now a watering schedule is the staple of any good commercial lawn care maintenance plan. Most commercial landscaping / property maintenance companies will tell you that watering in the early mornings is the most ideal time for your lawn. Watering your lawn in the cooler evenings will result in diseases growing amongst the grass blades as the moisture will not dry as quickly as the morning time. 

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