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Can Excessive Salting Damage Your Driveway?

With the Winter season just around the corner, most Canadians are preparing by purchasing road salt. However, it is important to consider the damaging effects of road salts to your asphalt driveway. For concrete driveways, we recommend not using road salts, as these can cause severe damage to your driveway. Let’s consider the following implications from using de-icing salts on your asphalt driveways.

Is Road Salt Bad For Asphalt Driveways?

When used occasionally, road salts can be effective in clearing ice off your driveway. However, if excessively used, you’ll start to notice existing cracks get larger. Another negative impact of using excessive road salt is on the environment. A lot of companies mix road salt with other additives which can contaminate our sewers and water sources. According to recent research studies, our water sources have an unusual amount of saline run-off. This can occur from excessive salting which mixes with melted snow and runs into our natural, salt-free water sources. In order to decrease our environmental footprint, it is recommended to mix your road salt with sand. This helps reduce the amount of saline ( salt ) that is mixed in with the melting snow or ice.

Can Road Salts Develop Potholes?

Although road salt won’t necessarily develop potholes, it can help aggravate existing damage. For example, if your driveway already has cracks, the salt mixed with water can seep through the cracks. Once the salt has been absorbed through these cracks, it can increase the erosion rate below the asphalt. Potholes are formed when the soil underneath the asphalt pavement erodes, which causes the pavement above to sink. Pair this with heavy vehicle traffic and cold temperatures, you will likely see potholes form. Make sure your driveway is sealed well before the Winter season starts to come around.

Sugar Beet, Turnip, Agriculture, Vegetables, Arable
Sugar Beets Can Be Used To Make Organic Ice Melters

What Are Some Alternatives to Road Salt?

Try to look for organic ice-melters that don’t have an environmental footprint. There are also home remedies to melting the ice on your driveway. For example, according to a website Tiphero, you can create a homemade ice-melter using only 3 simple ingredients. Tiphero recommends mixing rubbing alcohol, dish soap & water to create their ice-melting solution. Check out the full recipe guide here: Pour This 3-Ingredient Mixture on Ice and It Will Easily Break Away

For the ones that would rather just purchase an organic ice-melter rather than conducting a chemistry experiment at home, there are a few products out there. Recently, we found a company which produces a non-staining, pet-friendly & organic ice melter using sugar beets. Check out the organic ice-melter solution by OrganicMelt.



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