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How To Prepare Your Lawn For Canadian Winters

Summer has ended and you’ve spent most of it making your lawn look beautiful. However, the sad reality is we live in Toronto which means the bitter cold air is right around the corner. How do you ensure that your lawn is looking just as beautiful next season? My Landscapers has put together a short list of tips that can help prepare your lawn for Canadian Winter.

prepare your lawn for canadian winters

Step 1: Fall Clean-up & Final Mowing

We recommend beginning with a clean up of any debris or fallen leaves on your lawn. As these leaves cover patches of your lawn, you’ll notice that next season, these same patches will still be around. It’s a good idea to collect your leaves, mulch them and add them to your composting bin. In the Fall, it is recommended that you mow your lawn every 12-14 days, until the last of the leaves have fallen. By mowing your lawn to a shorter height, you can help prevent fungus growth that accumulates in the snowy months.

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Step 2: Top-Dress Your Lawn with Compost

Using aged, organic compost, we recommend spreading a half inch layer of dry compost over your lawn. This ensures that future seeding will flourish in the patchy areas of your lawn. Fall is the perfect time to collect your compost and the dry leaves offer great insulation to give you great compost next season.

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prepare your lawn for canadian winters by turning off your irrigation

Step 3: Reduce Watering & Turn Off Sprinklers

With the cooler climate, you don’t need to be watering your lawn, so you can go ahead and turn off your irrigation systems. The last thing you need is your lawn freezing overnight. Remember, you don’t want to clear any snow from your lawn when it does come down. The snow will help protect it against any disease that may infect your lawn.

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