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Snow Removal

Having to clear away ice and snow after a winter storm can be a real hassle. It can take an individual or even several people hours to complete this tedious and backbreaking task. However, there is a better option. The professional snow plowing and removal service offered by My Landscapers can help to keep your residential or commercial property free from snow and accessible even during the worst winter storms.

We want to ensure everyone in the community is able to receive the plowing services they need throughout the season. When you hire My Landscapers, you won’t have to worry about finding someone who is available when a need arises. You can relax when a storm hits and know that we are on the case, and will make sure that you can get in and out of your home or business safely – at any hour of the night or day.

Snow Blowing/Plowing

Snow Plowing and Removal

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Commercial Snow Removal

My Landscapers offers professional snow removal and salting services for any commercial property. We understand that finding a reliable snow plowing service for the commercial property manager can be a difficult task. That is why at My Landscapers, we always have someone available to clear the snow on your property and allow for your business to remain open even after the heaviest of snow storms. We offer 2 convenient packages for our commercial snow plowing, removal and salting service.

Offer 1: Pay-Per-Plow

This contract is for the property manager that wants to pay for snow removal services if and when the snow falls. If there’s no snow, these clients are not billed. But if the snow flies, our crews are on call once accumulation is 2 inches or more. Two inches of snow is generally when we push the “go” button, unless you’re on a robust full-service plan — see below. At the end of the day, the way you pay for the service is not the real issue. It’s about making sure that the job gets done. You want surfaces to be clear of snow and ice on time and continuously during storms so that the people who live, work and play on the property stay safe.

Offer 2: Seasonal Contract 1-3 Years

Our seasonal contracts include a fixed price per month for snow services, and the contracts are active during the five winter months for one to three years. We find that a multi-year contract give clients the best value.

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