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5 Easy Steps To Prepare Your Driveway For Snow Removal

Snow is coming! During this period, there are tons of things to worry about. From the teeth-gnashing cold to snow filling up our driveway. Some of us don’t find cleaning up the exteriors of our home can be pretty difficult, same as our gardens and more importantly, our driveway. Your driveway needs some attention and maintenance, perfectly preparing them for snow.

The sad thing about snow removal is that it doesn’t just ban you from leaving your home, it also eats deep into your wallet. If you are on this page right now, it means you are having trouble removing snow from your driveway! I know this can be a labor-intensive thing to do.  In this article, we will be sharing with you some easy steps to prepare your driveway for snow removal.

Preparing for Snow

Sometimes, it’s important to watch out for snow/winter storm. When the weather report talks about heavy snow heading your way, there are little things you can do to lessen the drama a little bit. For instance, you can spread salt (little) on your driveway (not forgetting the sidewalk too) before the snow hits your home. Doing this will make snow removal a piece of cake. It will also reduce the volume of ice that will accumulate beneath the snow.

Your vehicles should be moved.

Once that’s done, it is time to move your cars into the driveway. What this will do is stop the snow from accumulating on your driveway. Now, when you’ve got less snow on your driveway, removal won’t be difficult. You can always remove the snow from the top of your vehicles by making use of a shovel. The best way to pack your cars on the driveway pre-snow is to line them up on a single line while the four-wheel drive vehicles are packed at the end of the line (this will make getting out of the driveway pretty easy).

The snow is here – the tips!

There are some easy ways to remove snow.  Making use of simple tools such as snow shovel or machines such as the snow blower will do the trick.

The Snowblower.

When it comes to using the snow blower, one thing that really matters is speed. According to Consumer Report Expert Eric Hado, the speed makes clearing snow a lot easier. When you move too fast, you could spill out snow from the side of the machine making your job pretty difficult. Cleaning up snow from your driveway with the snow blower should be based on how your property (such as your parked cars) is laid out. Watch out for finger injuries while using the snow blower.

Snow Shoveling

Using the snow shovel presents you with two choices. Waiting until the snowfall ends or shoveling after every few inches. It all depends on what you are comfortable with, you should remove as much as you are comfortable with.

The method and tool you use don’t really matter, it all depends on you! However, avoid walking on the snow unless you’ve actually removed it. There are lots of tips when it comes to snow removal. The best option is to remove the snow at different hours of the day!

Professional & Eco-friendly Snow Removal & Ice Melting Services in Toronto

If you’re like most people in Toronto, then you don’t want to have to wake up 2-3 times overnight during a blizzard just to clean your driveway. Luckily, there are multiple service providers who can do the snow removal for you. At My Landscapers, we have over 15 years of experience in both commercial & residential snow removal services. Our experts are dedicated to providing exceptional service, quick response times and high customer satisfaction. If you’re looking for a reliable, professional and highly rated snow removal service provider in North York, Toronto & most of the GTA, then contact us. We provide FREE, no-obligation, detailed estimates for everyone. Winter is almost here, be prepared with your FREE snow removal estimate from My Landscapers today.

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