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What Is The Best Type Of Grass For Sod Installation In The Greater Toronto Area

Winters in the Greater Toronto Area are quite harsh — in winter, the temperature can plunge below 17 degrees Fahrenheit — which often means growing lush green grass can be extremely challenging. Fortunately, professional landscaping can help you with sod installation and sod replacement as it takes into account the types of seeds that are best suited for certain climates and soil.

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The Best Types of Grass To Grow in the GTA

Unsurprisingly, the best type of grasses which thrive in Canada are cool-season grasses since winters are long and brutally cold and summers are short. The best grasses can thrive between 60 to 80 degrees but some have also been adapted to withstand freezing conditions.

The four best types of grass for sod installation are:

Kentucky Bluegrass sod Replacement

Kentucky Bluegrass is the number one grass favored by Toronto’s homeowners as it has an uncanny ability to survive cold temperatures and people love it because of its unique blue-green color and boat-shaped blade.

This grass should be kept between two and a half to three and a quarter inches tall.

  • Kentucky Bluegrass is quite hardy, though it may wither in dry season, so make sure you give it regular water.
  • It is quite resistant to pets and disease
  • It requires more fertilizer than other grass types.
  • The roots are shallow so it does not fare very well with high traffic

Fescues Grass for

Fescues are tall and fine and have medium to dark green bristly leaves. It should also not be kept much taller than three and a quarter inches.

  • Fescues require frequent watering though you should make sure the soil does not get swampy.
  • It grows best in shady areas
  • Fescue grass has deeper roots and hence can withstand foot traffic.
  • It also performs well in soil with less than optimal health conditions
  • You may also have the option of mixing it up with different kinds of grasses while laying sod.

Bent Grass for sod Replacement

Bent grass is another great grass for sod installation in the GTA. The grass has fine, long and slender blades that are a lighter shade of green than Kentucky Bluegrass. It gets its name because its blades bent at only a few inches tall. This grass is most popularly used in tennis courts and golf courts.

  • Bent grass needs to be watered every week in the growing season
  • It needs to be cut regularly as the bent stems can cause thatches and mats
  • Use a lawnmower with a very sharp blade to cut the Bent grass.

Perennial Rye Grass

Perennial rye grass is a fine and glossy dark green grass. Like the Kentucky Bluegrass, it is recommended that this grass should only be kept up to three and a quarter inches tall.

  • Perennial rye grass has shallow roots 
  • Requires a lot of watering
  • It is disease resistant
  • holds up nicely in high foot traffic.
  • It grows well in both sunny and shady conditions
  • It germinates quickly
  • You can mix it up with other grasses while laying sod.

When cared for properly, these grasses will thrive in spring and fall season. Their growth will slow down in the summer season and they will stop growing in the winter, similar to how animals hibernate.

If you want to install sod on your grass, let us know and our professionals will help your lawn look lush, green, and vibrant in no time.

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