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Watering Guide For New Sod Installations

As a person who has had fresh sod just installed, you surely want to give it the healthiest environment to grow in. Watering is the backbone of any good lawn maintenance schedule. Having a good watering schedule for your new sod will ensure it grows healthy, strong & green. Luckily for you, we at My Landscapers have put together a small cheatsheet for you to refer to.

Watering Schedule for New Sod Grass

As we’ve stated in a previous article, a proper watering schedule is important for your new lawn. It is important to remember that water needs to reach the soil beneath your new sod grass. How often should you be watering if you’ve just had your lawn replaced? Let’s break it down.

First Week after Installation ( 0-7 Days )

The first week of your new sod installation is crucial. The roots start to extend themselves into the soil below. This stage requires the most watering, as the roots need as many nutrients from the water to grow. We recommend watering your sod 3 times a day.

0 to 7 Days after installation of new sod grass

Second Week after Installation ( 8 – 13 Days )

During the next 7 days, your new sod will strengthen its roots within the soil. It has already rooted itself deep enough and can be checked with a light tug. We recommend watering Once a Day.

8 – 13 Days after installation of new sod grass

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Third Week after Installation ( 14 – 21 Days )

You’re now able to water less frequently. By this stage, the roots have taken a strong grasp deep within the soil. Our recommendation for watering during this phase is 3 times a week.

14 to 21 Days after new sod installation

Beyond the Third Week ( 22+ Days )

After the 3rd week has passed, reduce your watering schedule to 2 or maybe 3 times a week. This also applies for regular yearly maintenance well after your sod installation is complete. Keeping this cheatsheet in mind when it comes to your new sod installation, will ensure your lawn looks healthy & strong for years to come.

watering new sod grass schedule my landscapers sodding sod
New Sod Installation Recommended Watering Schedule

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