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Using Nematodes to Combat Lawn Disease

Have you noticed dry, yellow patches throughout your lawn? If so, this may be caused by lawn disease. Now there are several factors that affect the health of your lawn. However, one of the culprits, known as Grubs, usually gets overlooked. In this post, we’ll take you through the steps to combat a Grub infestation in your lawn using Nematodes.

What are Nematodes?

A Nematode is a round, worm like parasite, that plays a vital role in our lawns as a nutrient cycling machine. They can be very small or sometimes grow large ( Up to 3 feet! ). They are found in most places across our Earth, especially in rich soil environments. Some may be harmful parasites, but most of them help move nutrients around that are crucial for our lawns.

Using Nematodes to Combat Lawn Disease

Nematodes are excellent weapons to have in your lawn care arsenal. They are super effective against grubs and can burrow deep down into your soil to find these pests. One recent study showed that Nematodes were 96% effective in treating an infestation of grubs. Once you have purchased your nematodes ( either online or at your local gardening store ), you will have to apply them to your lawn.

Most applications of Nematodes require you to mix them with about 4 gallons of water and have it sprayed across your lawn. We recommend spraying your lawn with Nematodes in the mid-summer months ( July – August ) as this is when the grubs are most active ( and most destructive! ).

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