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The Role Your Well Maintained Lawn Plays in Adding Value to Your Home

According to Murray Goldkind of Sutton Group Admiral, when we are considering selling, we spend a lot of time sprucing up the interior of our house but often neglect our lawns. Just remember that when potential buyers come over, your lawn will be the first thing they see. To make sure your potential buyers are impressed, it is important to add the “wow” factor to your lawn: curb appeal.

A beautifully maintained lawn is a relatively inexpensive way of making your exterior look appealing and making a great first impression. If your lawn isn’t as lush as the one next door, you may lose your customer to your neighbor.

However, there are ways you can improve your curb appeal:

A well-maintained lawn

Mowing and Weeding

One of the easiest ways to quickly improve the look of your lawn is by mowing the grass. Make sure the blade of your lawn mower and wickedly sharp so that it cuts the grass blade, not tear it out, to ensure an even look. You can also get creative with your mower and create some cool-looking lawn patterns.

Additionally, you need to get rid of any weeds; not only are weeds unsightly, they harm the health of your lawn. If its winter, you can apply a pre-emergent herbicide that prevents weed from coming out. A beautifully maintained lawn can do wonders for your home appeal.


Your garden can benefit greatly with a new layer of mulch. Not only does it help to look colorful and pretty, it can also fight against weed. Weeds need sunlight to survive, so if you spread mulch on your lawn, it will smother their growth by blocking out the light. Remember, though, not to mulch too heavily.

The best bit is that it costs next to nothing to apply.

Add Color

Green plants and vibrant flowers can lend character to your home and give your curb appeal an instant lift. Pick native flowers that thrive in your area and fill them in pots. You can place these flower pots around the front door or in the window box. Adding different species of flower in your flowerbed can give your home a riot of colors.

Fix Irrigation

Fix your irrigation system. The cost can be quite expensive so it won’t give a good impression if you try to lay off the cost of your irrigation system on the buyer. You can give your buyers all the information about your irrigation system, including your schedule for watering the lawn, particularly if the system is automatic.

Clean Water Features

If you have pond, fountain or any other water feature in your lawn, make sure you clean it up so that no traces of moss, algae, or dead leaves are left. A poorly kept water feature looks very ugly and can be an immediate turnoff.

Make Bigger Investments

If you are super serious about improving your curb appeal, you can make bigger investments to boost your home value. One way to do that is to add a fence around your property. Homeowners with kids and pets love a fenced-in yard since it provides extra security to their loved ones.

If you already have a fence, you can install a gazebo in your yard to improve the ornamental features of the lawn.

However, both the above-mentioned features can be costly so make sure they are the right investment for you.

Our lawn care team has unique and fresh ideas to beautifully maintain your lawn and give your home an updated look. We understand that curb appeal impacts your home and we want to help you find the best buyer for your perfect home

If you are looking to sell homes with beautifully kept lawns and gardens, Sutton Group Admiral can help you with that.

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