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Adding Mulch to Your Commercial Property’s Garden

When it comes to your Commercial Lawn Care then adding mulch can be one of the most amazing options to consider. It is because adding mulch to your commercial or residential lawn can help you to give it a perfect look. Even more, it can be perfect to enhance the health of your trees, bushes, and shrubs in your property. It can also assist in the process of preserving moisture, reducing erosion, suppressing weeds and pests and decreasing water runoff. However, improper mulching has the ability to lead to some damage to your landscape and plants. Therefore, for your commercial lawn care, it is important to add mulch to your commercial property garden in a proper way.

How to add mulch to your commercial property lawn?

Here are the things which are surely going to be better to know when you are planning to add mulch in your commercial property garden:

Remove the prior mulch

Before you are going to add mulch in your commercial garden, know whether there is an existing mulch available around trees, plants, bushes or shrubs of your commercial lawn. Be sure to remove the existing mulch before you are going to add new. This will help you to reduce pests and rot. By this, new mulch will let you have freshened look and can effectively enhance the environment.

Time to add mulch to your commercial property lawn

Well, there are two better times to add mulch in your commercial property lawn. Once in spring when the temperature starts to increase while the second one is in fall when the temperature will start to decrease. Applying mulch twice in a year could be more effective.

Less is more

If you are going to put too much thick layer of the mulch in your lawn, it will boost the growth of shallow roots. This will make the trees more vulnerable to drought conditions with ease. However, when you have to add mulch to your commercial property lawn, it is always important to add mulch about 2-3” thick would be a better option. 

Use Mulch Artfully

Well, no one can ignore the fact that mulch can be an amazing aesthetic opportunity along which is also perfect to protect the plants, bushes, etc. Of your garden. To get a more artistic and perfect look, it is highly important to choose a perfect color of mulch to add in your garden. It is because the texture and color of the mulch have the ability to create a perfect visual appeal of your commercial property in the best possible way. You can also think about a better contrast or to create a theme with the perfect placement of mulch in an amazing way.

Applying mulch especially in spring is one of the best options to consider when you are thinking about your commercial lawn care. It is because the application of mulch in any of commercial property lawn has various good reasons behind which make it important to consider.

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