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Why You Need Window Boxes

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Flowers are a perfect addition to your lawn. They smell great and give much color and beauty to your house. And if your yard is already filled with other plants, why not have window flower boxes added to your homes? Here are a few reasons why:

window boxes

Improve your house’s look

This is probably the most apparent reason why you need a window box in your house. It makes your home have more color and contrast. Flowers are the most popular to plant using these boxes. The bright colors of the flowers draw the eyes to the windows, making it the focal point. It also adds depth and dimension. Putting one on your window brings out the style and structure of your house.

Help the environment

Window boxes provide more space for new plants to grow. More plants mean better for the environment, right? Plus, it’s an excellent way to improve your ecosystem. 

Promote versatility

Owning Flower boxes doesn’t only mean it should be hanged on your window. Boxes are also perfect things to use to grow your plants, and it saves up a lot of space. You can use wooden window flower boxes to match your patio and add seasonal flowers for color. You can also attach the boxes to your fence or balcony railing. Some would also use it on top of their garage door or your main entrance.

There are a lot of options for your window box. Choosing the right one for your window could be tricky. Here are a few types of window boxes for you to choose from.

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Wood Flower Boxes

Wood window boxes are the most readily available window box in the market. You can easily customize it since it is made of wood. Gardeners love to use this because of its versatility. However, wood window boxes are more prone to rot and heavier than other types of window boxes. Common examples of these boxes are CYS Excel and Collection By Tiffany.

Metal Flower Boxes

If you are planning for an aesthetic look on your windows, opt to have metal window flower boxes. These boxes were already famous decades ago, and it comes in aluminum and copper, which are the “gold standard” for metal flower boxes. Copper helps nutrients to encourage healthier soil to make happier plants. Aluminum is the best option if you are looking for a durable box. The downside of metal window box is that it’s not customizable like wood boxes, and more expensive than wood. Since it is also made of metal, it is more susceptible to rust.

Terra Cotta Flower Boxes

Like metal Flower boxes, terra cotta was also used way before other types of boxes were popular. Its unglazed material makes a natural and simple home for your plants. Plus, they are widely available. However, using terra cotta boxes could be a hassle for people who live in cold weather since these window flower boxes cannot withstand freezing temperatures. 

Plastic Flower Boxes

Plastic Flower boxes are the most popular ones that people use nowadays. It comes in different sizes, and these boxes are cheaper than others because of their material. Plastic flower boxes are lightweight and are often used by beginner gardeners. On the other hand, plastic boxes are not that durable, unlike the other types. It is prone to cracking and peeling since it cannot withstand being exposed to different elements. 

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