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Thinking of Installing Artificial Turf? Read This

When it first came into markets, artificial turf was usually reserved for sports stadiums and mini-golf fields. However, now, a lot of homeowners are also investing in getting fake grass for their home lawn.

In areas that are prone to drought, some people may think that artificial turf can be a smart way to make their lawn look green. However, there are certain drawbacks to artificial turf:

Artificial Turf

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A single square foot of artificial turf can cost you anything between $15 and $25, including the installation fees. This means that if you have a big lawn, the cost of installing artificial turf can run into several thousands of dollars, assuming that the turf is installed properly. In comparison, the cost of installing sod is just $1 or $2 per square foot.

Lower Maintenance:

A lot of people think that low maintenance is a worthwhile exchange for the cost. Yes, you won’t have to go through the extra effort of mowing your grass. However, you will still need to rake away the leaves and debris from your grass manually and occasionally clean it to keep it looking green and fresh.

Water Usage:

Although some people think that installing fake grass can help them save a lot of water. After all, you don’t have to water artificial turf. However, this isn’t exactly true. Artificial turf can get extremely hot during the warmer seasons and it is necessary to hose it down or create an irrigation system that can keep it cool. This means that you won’t be able to conserve as much water as you think.

Cannot Withstand Heat:

As mentioned above, artificial turf can get very hot pretty fast. If you live in areas that get full sun during the summer, your grass may melt. It is plastic, after all, and the situation is common enough that most manufacturers do not provide a warranty for it.

Not Very Kid-Friendly:

Artificial turf is made of plastic that is not as soft as real grass. It also means that it can be pretty abrasive so if your kids fell on it while playing, they may get scratched. Even professional soccer players complain about the harshness of artificial turf on their knees and elbows.

Not Seamless:

If your lawn requires more than a single roll of turf, there will be a point where the seams of the two rolls meet. Matching the edges and seaming them together is not a very easy part. And leaving them like that can create an uneven look for your grass. In comparison, if you place sod rolls on your lawn, they will merge seamlessly with each other in a couple of weeks.


You do not want stagnant water to be sitting on your turf for days on end. Not only will it start to stink but it will create issues with the base in time. So you will need to install a drainage system underneath the turf, depending on the grade of your lawn.

Color Isn’t Durable:

A synthetic lawn can come in a wide variety of colors. However, not all colors will last long. In fact, some start to fade away in just a few years, though there are good manufacturers who offer a warranty of 10 years.

Although an artificial turf can offer you lots of benefits, it will never compare to the feel of soft, cool, green grass beneath your feet. It also does not have the environmental and health benefits associated with real grass. So before you decide to splurge on artificial grass, make sure you consider all these issues.

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