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Things You Need to Prepare Before You Get Your Lawn Replaced

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You’ve decided to get your lawn replaced because you want to start fresh since your current lawn is mostly weeds and it’s impossible to save it. Now, you hired a professional grass replacement company to do the hard work for you. Great, the time has come and the hard-working crew completed the grass replacement project. Now, It’s a really hot summer day and the sun just cooks everything it touches and with it also your just installed new grass. You spent so much money and you did not prepare a proper lawn sprinkler that could save this situation from happening.

Let’s Talk About Proper Sprinklers for Your Lawn and The Importance of Watering.

It is very crucial to have sprinkler ready after your new sod was installed but there are various types of sprinklers:

  • On top of that, please do not forget to have a proper hose ready that can at least reach the middle of your lawn.

  • Why A Watering Schedule Is Important For Any Lawn Care Plan? (Click to Find Out)

    Just like most plants, grass needs lots of H2O to grow healthy and lush. Having a proper watering schedule in place can help your lawn look green all season long. Having a plan in place for your lawn care needs, will keep you organized and prepared for the warmer season. Let’s go through the benefits of having a watering schedule for your lawn care.

    When Should I Water My Lawn?

    Watering your lawn in the early morning has proven to be the most beneficial. If you water in the afternoon, the heat of the sun will evaporate the water droplets and not allow your grass to absorb the benefits. If you water later in the evening, the cold temperatures of the night will cause the water droplets to freeze on your grass blades. Some tests have proven that this leads to various lawn disease. If your schedule doesn’t allow you to water in the early mornings, consider hiring Markham Lawn Care Experts, My Landscapers.

    How Often Should I Water My Lawn?

    You never want to over-soak your soil, so the maximum number of times you should water your lawn is 3 times per week. We recommend watering every 4-6 days, but this varies depending on the soil. For new grass or new sodding installations, use an oscillating sprinkler which allows for the droplets to land softly on the new grass blades or seeds. Knowing how often to water your lawn puts you leaps ahead of most people when it comes to lawn care.

    Benefits Of Having A Watering Schedule

    The benefits of having a routine watering schedule are plenty. You allow your lawn to absorb much-needed H2O, especially when it gets hot in the summer months of Toronto. Having a routine schedule for watering your lawn will drastically improve the health of your lawn and give your grass a healthy, green look.

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