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The Environmental Benefits Of Having Real Grass Installed At Homes

A lawn is one of the first things that your guests see when they come to your home. Besides improving your curb appeal, a lawn is also a great place for children and your pets to play. Thanks to technological advancements, today we have the option to choose real sod or artificial turf for lawn replacement.

The decision to choose between the two is something that all homeowners struggle with. Some homeowners may tilt towards artificial turf since it requires arguably less maintenance and will stay green all seasons. However, there are a lot of benefits that real lawn grass provides. The biggest one is its environmental impact.

real grass installation

Environmental Benefits of Real Grass

There is a common misconception that real grass requires frequent watering while artificial grass does not, and hence the latter is more environmentally friendly. However, this is not entirely true.

Artificial turf can get very hot in the summer season and you will need to irrigate it so that its temperature goes down. To make sure it stays green, you will also need to clean it frequently. Therefore, it does not conserve as much water as some people think.

Here are some reasons why you should for real grass:

Real Lawn Improves Air Quality

Since grass is a living plant, it takes in carbon dioxide and gives out oxygen. As we know, oxygen is crucial for us and so is trapping excess carbon dioxide in the environment. If carbon dioxide levels rise, it can result in higher atmospheric temperature and environmental dangers.

Grass not just removes carbon dioxide, it also traps dust and pathogens that can go your lungs. This means easier breathing, but also clean houses and clean cars.

Artificial turf, on the other hand, is made of petrochemical-based plastics which can result in bigger carbon footprints.

Real Lawn Traps Stormwater Runoffs

You must have seen what happens to any bald patches in your lawn when a storm comes. The soil and mulch in that area wash away creating holes and ruts in the ground. Of course, all this material runs off someplace.

Usually, the soil blocks the storm drains and gutters leading to flooded streets and houses. With no sewerage to go to, this dirty water and the debris inside it makes its way to natural water bodies like the rivers, lakes, and creeks, making them murky and polluted.

However, a lawn with lush natural grass can prevent, or at least reduce, instances of runoffs.

Real Lawn Improves Soil Structure

A lawn with compact soil does not allow water to seep into it. This means groundwater sources become dry over time and this can become a problem if people rely on these sources for drinking water.

Real grass requires loose soil with lots of pores that allow the water to sink in and replete underground water sources.

Real Grass Reduces Noise Pollution

Have you ever noticed how loud it is in cities as compared to the countryside? Although the level of traffic is also high in the city, noise is further amplified since there are a lot of hard surfaces on which it can bounce off.

One of the biggest advantages of grass for families and elderly people is that it absorbs outside noise and improves serenity.

Real Grass Keeps You Cooler

Cities can be significantly warmer than areas that have a lot of grass or trees. This means that you will have to spend a lot of energy to keep your building cool, resulting in higher HVAC bills.

Not only will real grass help you stay cool, but you will also pay less on your AC bills too.

With so many benefits, it shouldn’t be a difficult decision to opt for real grass for your lawn replacement. Even though real grass may cost you more in upkeep and maintenance, you will see that the benefits it provides you are worth it.

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