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How To Tell If I Need My Lawn Replaced?

Sod / Sodding / Lawn Replacement – Do You Need It?

Your lawn is extremely durable to weather conditions common in parts of Toronto. If your grass is cared for properly, it can last for years. However, your lawn can begin to die out from lawn disease, weeds, and lack of proper care. Although the reasons for sodding are many, you need to be aware of a few identifiers that can help you quickly decide whether or not you need lawn replacement services. By replacing your lawn, you ensure that you will have that healthy, green lawn you’ve always wanted for your home.

Here are some signs that will help you identify if you need sodding or a vigorous maintenance plan.

dandelion weed growing in dry lawn

1. Lawn Disease Is Heavily Present In Your Lawn

Lawn Disease is a common killer of grass and in some cases cannot be cured. If your lawn is suffering from lawn disease, consider replacing your turf with sod as soon as possible.

2. A Visible Presence of Weeds

Weeds in your lawn is a good indicator that your grass is weak and hasn’t been properly cared for. As the weeds spread across your lawn, the weaker it becomes and can be very difficult to cure. With sodding installation, the new grass will help prevent future weeds from growing.

3. Dry, Yellow Patches Throughout Your Lawn

With dry, yellow patches visible throughout your lawn, this is a sign that you haven’t been properly caring for your lawn. Without proper care, your grass will become weaker and weaker until eventually it dries out. By replacing your lawn, you’re getting a second change to maintain your lawn the right way from the beginning. Consider new sod grass to bring your lawn back to life.

4. Heavily Compacted Soil

A good way to check the compactness of your soil is to run the screwdriver test. Try inserting a screwdriver into your lawn. If this is difficult or requires additional effort to get the screwdriver into the soil, it is probably time to purchase sodding or have a professional sodding / lawn replacement expert like My Landscapers to assess your lawn for you.

5. Poor Drainage

This is a little more difficult to spot, but is a good sign that your lawn is unhealthy. First step in the sod replacement process is aeration followed by your new grass installation.

These are some tips to help you identify if your lawn needs to be replaced. At My Landscapers, our staff are experts in the field of sodding & sodding replacement.  To get your free estimate for sod replacement, installation, lawn care, commercial & residential maintenance, call or click today. Our experts are here to help you understand the best options to achieve a healthy, green, long living lawn.

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