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How To Choose The Right Industrial Snow Removal Company

As the weather cools and Winter nears, we need to be prepared to tackle the harshest of snow storms & blizzards, especially in the GTA. As an industrial property owner, it is your duty & responsibility to make sure the property is free of any ice or snow. Luckily, industrial snow removal companies can help relieve the stress. But, how do you choose the right snow removal company for your property? We’ve put together a short list to help you find the right one.

  1. Response Time
  2. Service Offering
  3. Reviews

Response Time: What is an appropriate response time after snowfall? 

Snow Removal in North York, ON

As a property owner, you’re definitely thinking about how quick a professional snow removal company can get to your property after heavy snow fall. Most companies should guarantee you a response time which can be between 1 to 4 hours. Look for the snow removal service which can give you the quickest response times. 

Tip: Remember to also ask them about their time guarantees ( morning or evening ). 

Service Offering: What do they provide other than snow removal?

When looking to hire your next industrial snow removal company, you’ll want to ask about what is offered in their removal contracts. Companies offer salting, de-icing, sidewalk clearance and more, so it is highly recommended to ask about & understand what is included. For deicing, ensure that the company uses the most environmentally friendly methods to deice your property. 

Customer Reviews: Are they reliable & trustworthy?

Excellent customer testimonials are a great way of making sure that a company you plan to hire is trustworthy & reliable. Check on popular review platforms such as Yelp, HomeStars, TrustedPros or on Google. By looking at other customer recommendations, you’ll be able to filter out the beginners and find a reliable industrial snow removal expert. 

Have Questions About Industrial Snow Removal Services in the GTA? Ask The Experts!

At My Landscapers, we have over 15 years of snow removal experience in Toronto and the GTA. We’ll happily answer any questions you may have regarding hiring a snow removal service in Toronto, as well as, how My Landscapers can give you a peace of mind this Winter. Talk to us through our Live Chat or simply give us a call, we’re always there for all your outdoor needs. 

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