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Grubs: Are they harmful to your lawn?

If you’re starting to notice dry patches of grass throughout your lawn, this may be a sign that your lawn is suffering from a grub infestation. These patches will most likely start to appear near the end of the summer months, so ensure you keep your eyes peeled for any indications that grubs may exist.

grubs in the soild
Grub Infestation – Image via Pixabay

What are Grubs?

Grubs are small, white, c-shaped larvae from the Japanese beetle, June beetle (June Bug) and the European chafer. These small larvae feast on organic matter in the soil such as your grass roots. They are also notorious for feasting on potatoes and carrots in your garden.

Are They Harmful?

In short, yes they are harmful to your lawn and garden. Usually, the most common of the 3 types of grubs in Canada are the June Bug larvae. These grubs tend to mature at a slower pace compared to the other two, but can still cause a significant amount of damage. Pay close attention to your lawn during the August and September months to spot dry, yellowish patches in your lawn. If you feel that your lawn is spongy, this is also a great indicator that you may have a grub infestation.

How To Control & Eliminate Larvae in your Lawn

There are a variety of effective methods to rid grubs from your lawn. One of the most effective ways is to use nematodes. These worm like bugs do an excellent job at infecting grubs and destroying them from within. Others recommend using pesticides, but at My Landscapers, we always recommend the organic approach. If you’re planning on replacing your lawn, choosing a fescue or ryegrass breed will help control the grub infestation. Remember to water once a week to make up for the damage the grubs may have caused.

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