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Checklist: Make Spring Cleaning A Breeze

Checklist: Make Your Spring Clean Up A Breeze

When the winter season is over and all the snow has melted away, you’re usually presented with a lawn that has been damaged by the cold and left covered with leaves since the Fall season. Time for some spring cleaning!

When it comes to spring cleaning, preparation is crucial. Here’s a quick checklist of 6 tasks to follow for this upcoming Toronto Spring Season.

1. Clean Your Gutters

Gutters are the first thing you should be cleaning during the spring season. A wet, rainy winter/fall must have filled your gutters to the brim with old leaves, sticks and a whole lot of other things. Gutters are important to help drain the copious amounts of rain that the spring has to offer. Plus, having clean and maintained gutters will help them last longer.

2. Remove Weeds

Here is the best part of the spring clean up…just kidding. Although it’s a pain to deal with Weeds, there is no better way than getting down and dirty. So pick up some sturdy gardening gloves and start pulling those pesky weeds out. Remember, you want to pull directly up from the root.

3. Pile & Clean Trees / Shrubs / Leaves

After all the snow has melted, you’re presented with dead leaves and damaged branches left over from the fall season. The easiest way to clean is to rake the leaves into medium sized piles, before packing them Into sturdy yard waste bags. You can usually pick these up from a local Home Depot or Walmart.

4. Aeration ( Hire a Professional )

Aeration is ideal in the spring season. By aerating your lawn, you promote healthier grass growth. Aeration allows for nutrients such as oxygen and water to easily flow through the soil. Learn more about aeration by reading our lawn aeration services.

5. Compost!

Spring is also an excellent time to plan for a composting bin. Composting is fairly inexpensive and can help you save money on fertilizers/soils for your garden. If you’ve got a green thumb, you should definitely look into composting this spring season!

6. Walkways, Patios & Decks

Have a power washer nearby? Then give those dirty walkways and decks a quick wash. Make sure to keep your eyes open for any damaged boards or stones.

Follow this checklist for an easy spring clean up this season. Remember, your lawn and backyard should be areas for relaxation and enjoyment. Have them looking great all year round with services provided by My Landscapers.

My Landscapers will provide you the best spring clean up services. We will make your lawn look beautiful in no time.

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