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A Quick Primer on Costs of Having Sod Installed

A lot of people believe it is better to seed your lawn than to have it sodded because of the high cost of sodding. It is indeed true that seeding cost less, but what people fail to put into consideration is the costs of nurturing seeding incurs later. Seeding incurs many costs due to over seeding, erosion, reseeding,  watering, and even win sometimes. Also seeds can take two to three weeks to germinate alone, while a sodded lawn is already ready for use in 3 weeks with proper care.

Sod Installation

Sodding is a process of installing sods in place of grass on a lawn. Sods are ready made rolls of grass that are usually gotten from sod farms. This newly installed sod allows you to have a fully grown lawn from the very first day. Which is all thanks to the nearness of several new sod farms in cities like Toronto, Vaughan, And Markham.

Average Cost Of Sodding Per Square Foot

All commercial Sodding companies quotes sodding jobs per square foot. So there is no exact or fixed price for commercial Sodding. All jobs are different and so are the prices too. The biggest determinant of a sodding installation cost in commercial sodding is usually the size of the area where the sod will be installed. Also different problems are encountered on different jobs, so this makes it difficult to give an exact price for sod installation.

Materials Used For Sod Installation

The quality of the materials used for sod installation and the extra works involved in the installation process also determines the price that will be charged. Below are some criteria used by some commercial sodding companies:

  • Labor: most commercial sodding companies charge for sodding installation based on the size of the yard. So the larger the yard, the higher the price.
  • Grading: if the lawn needs to be graded, this might attract additional charges.
  • Soil preparation: soil preps like removing rocks, removing debris, and spraying of nutrients will attract additional charges depending on how much work needs to be done.
  • spraying of fertilizer on the laid sod also incurs additional charges.
  • Irrigation system: an irrigation system that will be used to maintain your sod after it has been laid also incurs extra charges. This is actually optional and depends on personal choice.
  • Re-installation: removing old sod and installing a new one will add an additional charge and an extra two to three days to the project length.
  • Lawn form: the overall price for sod installation tends to be lower in some yards that are large and low, because it is much more easier to install sod there. Unlike some places with an unusual and rough shape or lawns with hills that are more difficult for installing sod which can raise the overall price of the installation.

Final Thoughts

Finally, after all works are done what really matters most is the quality of the installed sod. So take your time in looking for a sod company that offers a quality sod installation. My Landscapers has been installing sod grass and replacing lawns for over 14 years throughout Toronto, Markham, Vaughan & Richmond Hill. Our professionals only use organic fertilizers and solutions to help your lawn looks lush, healthy & green. Request your FREE, no-obligation, detailed estimatetoday and one of our landscaping experts will contact you. Prefer to speak over the phone? Give us a call or use our NEW live chat feature to connect directly with one of our experts.


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