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Ways to Keep Raccoons off your New Lawn

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Raccoons are adorable and friendly animals. Although they might seem like it, raccoons are also a massive headache for many homeowners in Toronto. These “masked animal bandits” are smart and stubborn that they would look every nook and cranny on your lawn to find food. Moreover, health professionals say that raccoons can pose transmitting rabies through scratches or bites, not only to humans but also to pets.

Since this has been a dilemma for most homeowners in Toronto, it is important to find ways to keep raccoons and other animals off your lawn. If tolerated, raccoons would most likely move to your attic to find more food or make it a new home. By that time, you’ll have to call pest control for help, which would cost you more money. Like many would say, “Prevention is better than cure.”

Ways to Keep Raccoons off your New Lawn

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Here are some ways you can do to keep raccoons off your lawn:

Seal openings

Examine holes or passages around your home. These can serve as an entrance to uninvited visitors, such as raccoons. Windows, chimneys, walls, shingles, vent screens, and deck areas should be covered or sealed to avoid raccoons from damaging your property.

Use motion sensor activated light/motion detected water-sprayers

These pests wander around, looking for food when it’s already dark. However, raccoons can get frightened quickly. Putting a light or water-sprayers on your yard will scare them away. Other homeowners would turn on a radio to make raccoons think people are aware of their surroundings. However, this can hamper your sleep, so be mindful of it.

install grass reinforcement mesh

Install grass reinforcement mesh

Raccoons have a solid sense of smell. They can smell everything, even under the surface of your newly installed sod. Every time new sods are introduced, raccoons like to pull it up because it is easy to do, and freshly installed sods hide plenty of tasty bugs and worms that raccoons can devour. Now, if the sod is not kept down to the soil, most likely, the grass will die. 

After installing new sod, it is better to fix a reinforcement mesh to help keep your grass secure and thriving.

Here are the steps to install grass reinforcement mesh:

  1. Roll the grass protector mesh all over the new lawn area

2. Pin the mesh to the ground using Garden Staples.

It is important to take note that pinning the mesh through the grass is essential. There shouldn’t be ripples forming, and it is better to start at the bottom corner. 

We would highly recommend homeowners to install reinforcement mesh to protect the lawns. It protects it from wild animals, but it can also save you money. Without the mesh, there is a big chance your lawn will get pulled up by raccoons the night after you installed it. The presence of having a reinforcement mesh would both save you time and money.

If you want to install grass reinforcement mesh, resod your lawn, or any law installation service, click here to know more about what we can offer.

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