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The Most Common Snow Removal Scams You Need to Watch Out For

As with every industry, the snow removal service and landscaping industry also have their share of scams. When snow is thick upon the ground, it is the worst thing to find out the snow removal service you hired was a no-show or did not do a good enough job.

Having snow outside of your house can be a big hazard as pedestrians can slip on it or injure themselves on objects hidden in the snow. In Toronto, this can put you at risk of a lawsuit. Before this happens, you need to make yourself aware of some red flags of snow removal scams.

Snow Removal Scams
A Snow Plow Clearing Snow From a Road

Special Low Price

The biggest red flag you will see is the pricing. A very low price does not offer you good quality. A good snow removal company will charge you around $100 so that it can make a small profit.

However, charges also depend on how much snow needs to be removed. However, if a snow removal company has a special discount price of, say, $50, that is usually not a good sign.

A legitimate snow removal company in Toronto will always price their services in a way that allows them to provide you with consistently good services. They also come without hidden fees. If a snow removal company gives you a quote that seems too good to be true, chances are that it is. They may be a no-show when you most need them. Additionally, if by chance, they do provide you with quality service, they probably will not be able to survive the season as they will probably be losing too much money.

Full Payment Upfront

Another big sign of a scam company is that they may ask for a full season payment upfront. Although large reputable companies do have this standard, if a new upcoming company asks for full payment, it probably means they only plan to shovel once and then never return again. It can also be tough to take them to court if they perform the service on time, and these companies know this.

High Cancelation

If a snow removal service has clients who complain of high cancellation, they may not be the best company to do business with. Fraudulent snow removal companies often book as many clients as possible before the snow season and as soon as winter hits, cancel the lowest-paying client. This can be very frustrating and troublesome since you are left hanging at a time when other good landscaping companies are fully booked. That’s why it is important to book with a well-known snow removal company before October ends.


The commonest rip-off is often in the form of snow removal services that are a no-snow. Even though it may take even reputable companies more time to clear out snow at their scheduled properties, fraudulent snow removal services won’t even bother to show up. At MyLandscaper.ca, we often receive calls from distressed homeowners saying their contracted snow removal company did not show up even days later after a storm and they are left stranded unable to leave their home.

Hidden Fees

This is one of the easiest to pull off fraudulent acts, since not many property owners, particularly homeowners, bother to read the fine print in the contract. As a result, the contractor does show up and do a good job of removing the snow, but they will charge you an additional fee for tiny things. This can raise your fee exponentially in some cases and you may be forced to pay hundreds of dollars for a snow removal job.

Whenever hiring a snow removal company, it is important to do your research. Beware of companies offering too-low prices and special services that seem too good to be true. If you are looking for a snow removal service, contact us at My Landscapers to book our service or call us at (416)838-2229 for a free estimate.

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