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Is Autumn A Good Time To Lay New Sod Grass?

Is The Best Time To Lay New Sod Grass Spring, Summer or Fall?

Most people assume that the best time to lay new sod grass is in the spring or summer months, but actually the autumn season is the most ideal time to lay your new grass. Why is fall the best time to have your sod grass installed? We’ll explore a few reasons why fall is recommended.

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Temperatures Are Cooler & Help New Sod Grass Quickly Develop Roots

As the temperatures drop in the early autumn season, especially in areas such as Toronto, we also start to see occasional rainfall. The colder temperatures actually allow for your new sod grass roots to develop much faster. Also, with cooler temperatures, your sodding installation has less of a chance of overheating or drying out. The increase in rainfall enables roots to grow deeper and allow for your sodding to be established much faster. The rainfall also brings an added bonus to your daily sodding routine. It eliminates the need for you to water your sod installation constantly.

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Timing Your Sod Installation Correctly

Sodding Experts at My Landscapers continuously recommend beginning your sodding journey at least 4-6 weeks before the ground is expected to freeze. It takes roughly 5-6 weeks for new sod grass to develop a strong root system. So make sure you allocate enough time for your sod to strengthen its roots. Once the ground becomes frozen, it is very difficult for your sod grass to develop/strengthen its root system. Don’t forget about the preparation of your soil before the new sod is installed.

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Hiring A Professional Sod Installation Company

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