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Installing Fresh Sod? Here Are The Tools You’ll Need (DIY)

It’s summer in Toronto and the perfect time to get your hands dirty with some fresh new sod. Sodding is ideal for giving your lawn a fresh new look and a healthy start. If you’re facing a lawn which has been neglected, overgrown with weeds, or infected with lawn disease, then getting your lawn replaced is the solution. In this post, we’ll discuss some of the tools required to make your sod installation a breeze this summer.

The Bare Essentials: Tools To Start Your Sod Installation

  • Sod Cutter – A sod cutter will cut your existing grass from underneath into strips. This is essential to getting your lawn ready for new sod grass.
  • Tiller – A tiller will help turn up the soil to make it easier for your new sod grass to take root.
  • Soil Testing Kit – This will help you identify what problems exist in your soil and how to combat them.

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The Nice To Haves: Tools That Make Your Sod Installation Easier

  • Drum Roller – a drum roller will run over your sod to make sure that it is nicely sitting on your soil. You can use alternatives, but using a drum roller is an easier approach.
  • Edger – A Power edger or trencher will be a useful tool when you are installing sod. It can help you cut around tight corners to get a nice, flush lawn appearance.

The Final Touches: Tools That Will Successfully Complete Your Sod Installation

  • Lawn Mower – after you’ve installed your new lawn, we recommend mowing a few days later. Luckily for you, we have put together a great cheatsheet to help you maintain your new lawn.
  • Sprinkler – Watering is essential for new sod grass to take root. Use a small bowl to see if you’re watering to frequently or too little. When the bowl fills with about an inch of water, then it is time to turn the sprinkler off.

Final Thoughts

Sod installation can be an easy task or a daunting one depending on the tools that you have in your arsenal. Most gardening or home improvement stores will allow you to rent the necessary power equipment to get the job done. If you’re not the DIY type and are a little overwhelmed with the sod installation process, then we recommend hiring a sod installation professional.

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