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Easy Ways to Maintain Your New Sod in the Summer

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At times, seeding, watering and aerating is not going to be enough to fulfill your dream of having enough lush green and beautiful lawn with ease. Although the lush, green lawn is the dream of so many people but achieving this dream may require something other than seeding and watering. One of the best options which can help you to get your dream lawn is sodding. Sod is rolled pieces of cultivated grass which can be laid on the ground of your lawn to grow. With proper care, it will take its root into the ground and you will be able to enjoy an amazing look of a beautiful lawn with ease. However, from aeration to moisture, you have to take care of entire things for the best growth of sodding perfectly.

How to maintain your newly installed sod in the summer?

Do you want to know how to take care of your new sod in the summer? Here are some tips which are surely going to be effective for you to know:

Maintain a proper watering schedule

When it comes to watering your newly installed sod then you must understand the fact that for at least first one to two weeks, your sod required plenty of water. Especially in the summer season, you have to keep the sod moisturized all day long. During summer your sodding should be watered an entire day to prevent it from drying or shrinking in the best possible way. Always provide enough water to your lawn to ensure moisture is present always there. However, after two weeks you can transit from frequent water to lesser cycles daily and gradually as the time will pass, you can decrease the watering cycles with ease.

Mowing requires more care

In most of the cases, within 6 to 7 days after installing new sod, it needs to get mowed or cut. While mowing, it is important to ensure that mowing wheels are not disturbing the roots of new sod. Even on slopes, you need to take extra care. Sharpen the mowing blades to get a smooth finish with ease. However, it is highly recommended to mow the grass at least at the height of 2.5 to 3 inches.

Fertilizing as per schedule is important to be done

 When it comes to fertilizing your newly installed sod, it is important to fertilize it no later than 2 weeks after you have installed your sod. It is always better to avoid the use of chemical fertilizers. It is because these can burn the sob. However, the use of organic fertilizers is recommended to use in summers to get desired results.

Sodding can help you to enjoy the amazing appearance of a lush lawn immediately. Through sodding, you will be able to start to take advantage of newly installed and healthy sob with ease. However, when you have to install new sod especially in summer season then it is highly important to work hard to keep it well-maintained in the best possible way with ease.

Please feel free to follow us and share posts
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