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Clean-Up Services

Many commercial properties think that lawn care and landscaping begins and ends with the first and last day of summer, but there are things you can do throughout the year to help your property look fantastic. At the start of fall and spring you have the opportunity to support positive lawn growth and prevent damage and disease to your property with our expert commercial lawn clean up services. By prepping your grass during these two critical times of year, you can avoid costly repairs and an unsightly lawn later. My Landscapers are committed to providing the right care and maintenance for your lawn throughout the year from initial clean ups to fertilization, lawn mowing and watering.

SPRING Clean Up:
  • Remove Debris & Leaves
  • Edging Along Flowerbeds
  • Trimming & Manicuring Shrubbery and Bushes
  • Pruning Trees to Promote Healthy Growth
Fall Clean Up:
  • Bagging of Leaves in Eco-Friendly Paper Sacks
  • Composting of Leaves
  • Trimming of Perenial Plants & Flowers
  • Mow the Lawn to Required Height

Commercial Lawn Care

We’re experts when it comes to lawn care. We understand that frequent cutting of grass ( one to two times a week ) ensures quality growth and prevents weed germination. By having a thicker lawn, weeds have a tougher time pushing through, thus giving you a luscious, thick and green lawn. When it comes to cutting grass, trust the experts.

How can frequent Lawn Mowing help your lawn?

Commercial Snow Removal

My Landscapers offers professional snow removal and salting services for any commercial property. We understand that finding a reliable snow plowing service for the commercial property manager can be a difficult task. That is why at My Landscapers, we always have someone available to clear the snow on your property and allow for your business to remain open even after the heaviest of snow storms. We offer 2 convenient packages for our commercial snow plowing, removal and salting service.



Testimonials From Our Clients

Rona G.

The lawn looks amazing. So much so that I now am looking at having them redo my front lawn. Highly recommend in every respect.

Babaew S.

Recommend for all people who want to make their place like never before! Thanks again My Landscapers!

Christine P.

Great service , great people ! If you are looking for professional!! Amicable service ! exceptionally talented!!!

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