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Best Way to Fill in Sod Seams

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If you ever dreamed about a lush, beautiful and emerald-green lawn but your lawn is weedy which have patches of bare dirt then your answer may lie in sodding. It is because when you are planning about sodding, then you have a better idea about the fact that you are paying to someone else who has done a tough job of growing thick and healthy grass from sod. For sodding, all you need to do is to check the soil of your lawn to know whether it has the ability to provide the exact conditions to sod to take root with ease or not. In short, sod is one of the best solutions which will help you to have a perfect dream lawn with ease.

Although it looks easier to think about sodding but actually it is not as simple as we think. You need to take care of sod after its application too. It is because the appearance of gaps in sod seams is not uncommon.

How to fill the gaps in sod seams?

Here are some of the best ways which can help you to fill gaps in sod seams in an effective way with ease.


This is also a better solution to remove gaps in sod seams. You can apply the top dressing to your lawn for this. You can easily purchase topdressing mixtures from any of garden or lawn store. Place it on the gaps and the areas with lower growth to make them level with the entire lawn. Keep the area with topdressing watered. It will help the grass to grow naturally.


Using grass seeds to fill gaps in sob seams can also an effective solution to utilize. However, for perfect results, it is always important to use the same type of grass seeds which you already have in your lawn. You can place an inch of compost in every gap in sod seams and then sprinkle the grass seeds properly. As for different grass seeds there exist different applications, so, it is always important to read instructions of the grass seed which you are trying to grow with care. Prevent seeds from birds and water them as per given instructions to grow them in a proper way with ease.


This is a faster solution which can provide you instant results with ease. You can fill the gaps in sod seams by placing the smaller patches of sod. For this, you will have to buy additional sod sections to accomplish the patching. However, sometimes the leftover pieces from sod installation can also work perfectly. You can cut the proper piece of sod, as per the size of gaps. Water the sob on a regular basis to let it extend soon.

Sodding can let you a perfect feel of a beautiful lawn immediately. Even, it will become easier to enjoy the advantages of newly installed and healthy before you can use a lawn started from spring, seeds, or plugs.

Please feel free to follow us and share posts
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